Wellbeing with Neom CEO, Nicola Elliot

Wellbeing is a global trend that is ever growing and evolving; from a bigger emphasis on mental health in the workplace and schools, to more and more brands and apps entering the wellness space to aid with everyday wellness. We caught up with Nicola Elliot, CEO of one of our partnering brands, Neom, a leading brand in the wellness industry, to find out more about why the brand was created and why Nicola thinks wellbeing has become such a big trend.


Why was the Neom brand created and what was the thought behind the different scent stories?

I worked as a journalist for 12 years and absolutely loved my job but started to suffer from really bad anxiety as a result of the fast pace and long hours. I started to pay more attention to my personal wellbeing, going back to basics and learning how to properly look after myself by training as a nutritionist and aromatherapist.

I found that using essential oils as therapy was incredibly helpful for mood imbalances and became a real crutch for me. I started blending my own essential oils to help with my anxiety and used scents based on how I was feeling and those that were proven to help ease stress. I went on to blend the scent for my sister who had trouble sleeping and a personalised scent for my husband who, as a school PE teacher, needed an energy boost! From there, I created blends using only 100% natural fragrances to help relieve stress, aid sleep, boost your energy and lift your mood.


How important are the ingredients that you use in your products?


All of our scents are 100% natural which is so important because that’s where the magic happens. We harness plant oils that are as pure as possible and blended together in a pretty complicated way to get the best result. We’re constantly testing on hundreds and hundreds of people to ensure the oils are as effective as possible and make sure they’re balanced correctly so they have the best possible result.  Whether you’re craving deep relaxation, a burst of natural energy or a moment of calm, the powerful naturally fragranced products boost your wellbeing and make you feel good.


How and why do you think wellbeing has become such a big trend?


Modern life has got a lot to answer for. We’re moving faster, connecting less, demanding more of ourselves and not looking after ourselves. We’ve lost the connection to the key things that make us feel and look our best, some of which are simple, daily rituals. Wellbeing is all about rediscovering the simple things that have a huge impact on our physical and mental health.

Your wellbeing toolkit is very personal to you and what works for you might not work for everyone and depends on what you like to do e.g. meditation, yoga, running. We want to help you create your own personal wellbeing toolkit and see it as something positive that you want to do, not something you feel you have to do. The power of plant oils and aromatherapy is really important for wellbeing and we want to inspire people to lead natural lives and incorporate this as something nice and simple to add in. Life is all about balance and the small steps you can add to your life each day to feel your very best.


What are your favourite wellbeing rituals?


This really depends on what my body is craving; I’m attracted to different scents based on my mood and how I’m feeling, which can change throughout the day. As an example, first thing in the morning when I need an energy boost, I would use the ‘Feel Refreshed’ range and in the evening, to create a tranquil, calm zone at home we burn scented candles from the ‘Tranquillity’ range. We all use bath oil to help us unwind and the children have a diffuser in their bedroom at night which they absolutely love and helps aid their sleep. Lots of small, daily rituals.