Top 5 Beauty Trends at In-Cosmetics Global 2018

The Matrix beauty team were in Amsterdam last week for In-Cosmetics Global 2018. Billed as the leading event for personal care ingredients, here are five exciting beauty trends and ideas from the show…..

Beauty trend: social media savvy – #Instacosmetic #Instabeauty

Brands are moving away from traditional advertising in favour of social media, in particular, Instagram influencers, who have changed the way that brands are communicating with consumers. Promoting products via an influencer creates a strong emotional relationship and increases the trust that consumers have for a brand. A key focus for the Beauty Industry is to continue creating “Insta-worthy” cosmetics to increase organic product promotion on social media. Clean packaging and bold fonts seems to be the drawcard when it comes to an Insta-worthy beauty shot and Edible Beauty are a great example of an instagrammable brand.

Beauty trend: sustainability – biodegradability and endpoint of products

Especially present throughout the show in various aspects from product and packaging biodegradability, to providing jobs for local communities when sourcing natural ingredients.  In the years to come, the Beauty Industry will have a greater responsibility of ensuring sustainability throughout the supply chain is met, especially the end point of products to combat the impact that plastic is having on the planet e.g. Landfill and Oceans.

FACT: In 2025, the ocean is expected to contain 1 tonne of plastic for every 3 tonnes of fish, and by 2050 it is estimated there will be more plastic than fish in the ocean. Neal’s Yard are an example of a beauty brand taking steps to being sustainable; their blue glass is recyclable and the plastic bottles used are 100% recycled too.

Beauty trend: personalisation – DIY beauty and sensorial experiences

There is an increase of consumers creating their own products for different reasons; some distrust certain big brands and their lack of authenticity, whilst others want products that are unique and specifically meet their needs.

Overuse of technology is impacting the everyday lives of consumers, resulting in the need for more physicality in their lives and products delivering sensorial experiences i.e. body-heat activated formulations, tingling sensations and rich textures. Herbivore Botanicals is a Seattle-based producer of all-natural “sensorial” skincare products that nourish the body while also stimulating the senses.

Beauty trend: microbiome – diversity of bacteria on the skin

The diversity of bacteria on skin was one of the hot topics discussed in many of the seminars during the show. Big companies and researchers are showing a huge interest in the microbiome diversity and its impact on skin. Selectively optimizing the living bacteria on our face! French brand Gallinee create skincare products using prebiotics, probiotics and lactic acid to help nourish and support skin’s good bacteria. We’ll be exploring microbiome diversity in further detail and will bring you more details in a future blog.

Beauty trend: Regional ingredients –  arctic berries, Kalahari melon and baobab

The presence of ingredients indigenous to certain regions, such as Arctic Berries from the Scandinavian countries to Kalahari melon seeds and baobab from African countries were noticeable; this has given rise to a niche “Clean Movement” trend, where the savvier consumer expects greater transparency of their product’s supply chain and want more than just 100% Natural products. (image source ‘Your Good Skin’)

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