Unicorn Fragrance

A leading retailers ladies team first approached Matrix to create a moulded fragrance range in 2016. The lady’s buyer was looking to develop a fragrance range that would be suitable for their girly tween customer but with a unique design to separate their product from competitors.

The Unicorn Range was based on previous success of Unicorns in store with sales data to support this. They wanted a bespoke design but at a cost-effective price point.

Matrix has sourced fragrance factories over the years with specific capabilities required to set Matrix apart from competitors. Specialising in bespoke moulded products has enforced the relationship between the retailer and Matrix through the design-led, innovative and bespoke products created, but at a price point that is affordable for this retail sector.

Utilising 3D printers to conceptualise the products so that the buyers can visualise the style they are buying in to before committing to a design helps to minimise amendments throughout production and streamlines the critical path.

Once a design is decided, the buyer and the design team work collaboratively to create packaging that supports and elevates the product. More often than not the fragrance will be packaged in a box with a clear acetate front so that the product can be seen on shelf. This helps to minimise damages in store and store waste, another step towards a more sustainable future.

From the continued success of the Unicorn 50ml EDT, a further range was created for 2018 comprising of a new 100ml Unicorn mould and 2 further accompanying products to sit back with the Shimmer Bright range – a glitter body mist, and a fluffy IT kit containing a 20ml EDP and matching shimmer hand cream.

The account managers and QC team work closely with the factory to ensure the upmost quality is produced.

Continual critical path management to ensure production runs smoothly and everything is delivered on time.

Success in store meant that further orders were placed.

Matrix are able to harness strengths of various factories to produce kits containing multiple products, from fragrance and lotion, to tattoos and accessories, all available in a custom-made bag.
All of our factories have a FAMA which means we were able to expand our moulded fragrance business further, utilising our capabilities to produce bespoke 3D moulded Disney products including moulded lamps for Aladdin, Shell EDP for Little Mermaid, 3D Minnie and Mickey Mouse and more to come for 2019!

We are now working on a premium range of giftable fragrances for AW19.

As well as creating the limited-edition fragrances for each season, the range has expanded to include Elements men’s bath and body products. The two leading fragrances in the range are ‘Elements Day’ and ‘Elements Night’ which are staple buys with units steadily increasing annually.