In his third, and last blog post, Charlie Bradshaw, found and CEO at Matrix, focuses on the Internet of Things (IoT), cloud networks and sensors; technologies that will change the world we live in over the next few years.

Disruptive technologies, which include the Internet of Things (IoT), artificial intelligence (AI) and 3D printing, are fed by multiple, ever-replenishing data sources enabling tasks that were once carried out by humans to be done by machines far more efficiently, conveniently and cheaply.

The potential for disruptive technology in procurement is clear. There is so much data to play with in the function and that should help transform procurement from one that is reactive to one that is far more proactive.
Take the automotive industry as an example. If a car engine breaks it is replaced. In time, all cars will have sensor-enhanced engines that will tell the manufacturer when parts need replacing, months before it might break down. Tesla Model S cars have self-diagnostic engines that constantly feedback lifespan data.


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