Our Spring/Summer 2019 Trends are Here

We travel extensively to key fashion and design hubs; immersing ourselves in the graphics, retail environments and conversations so we can identify current global trends and foresee future trends. We use this knowledge to develop cutting-edge products and publish them in our biannual trend magazine. Introducing: spring/summer 2019…..


SS19 has given self-care a strong and active re-brand. We’re living longer; social media is getting us down; there’s still stigma around opening up about mental health, especially for men, and we’re all losing track of how many calorie counting apps we’ve installed.

This trend is focused on the daily tolls and issues modern life throws our way; educating us with kick-ass, natural solutions and positive celebrations to combat them. Empowering us to take back control of our emotional well-being and fight back! Whether you choose exercise, ingestible beauty, meditation, a plant-based diet or a social media cleanse – project YOU is underway and ready to help you look, and more importantly, feel INCREDIBLE. You got this!


Minimal Utility stems from Normcore, which began its life as anti-fashion. Normcore was about anti-style; looking conventional, un-descript, anonymous and low key. Fashion has long been about making impactful statements – but in a world where everyone’s trying so hard to stand out, blending into the background is suddenly a way of being seen.

Previously associated with Scandi style, SS19 has evolved Normcore into something more street and outdoorsy; influenced by Japanese silhouettes and the desire to escape our screens and experience the natural world around us. Minimal Utility is a combination of core classic essentials with a utilitarian feel and durable fabrics.

Minimal Utility is effortlessly unisex and forward-thinking, with practical shapes and muted neutrals paired with pops of colour.


This is the year of the woman – we are taking up space and lifting each other up to heights our grandmothers could only dream of!

The on screen stories we follow impact our lives, they shape who we think we are and who we aspire to be. We have grown up smothered by images of sexualised women, women being rescued for being too weak or mocked for being too strong: women aimed at (and portrayed by) men.

A new day is dawning and we are slamming more responsibility onto the media. We all deserve to see ourselves represented, not inhibited within this new future and intersectionality within feminism has never been more important! This trend is making sure that the next generation of girls will witness floods of ambitious, diverse women championed in society for their femininity, complexity and bravery!


Eccentric Romance is a vibrant oasis away from everyday turbulence and mundanity, with its primary concern being bold expression and energetic eccentricity.

This trend is refreshingly led purely by visuals; a reaction to all the bright prints and texture clashes we are seeing in both homeware and on the runway. Think tropical botanicals, vintage fabrics and statement finishes, inspired by a variety of cultures – it’s time to show your colours!

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