The Dedicated Matrix Trend Site has Relaunched

Matrix’s trends ( forecasting site has been rebirthed. We’ve taken all the best parts of the original site and reshaped it to create something even better than before. The new platform aims to be even more easily navigable, informative, beautiful and enjoyable to use.

Matrix Trends provides specialised intelligence throughout a spectrum of markets and all things design, enabling us to forecast trends for our retail clients. Whether it’s the destinations from which we’ve drawn our analysis and guidance on where to visit and shop, or detailed descriptions and visual content which support the key macro trends for that specific season.

Our creative director, Ben Read, regularly travels around the world to attend exhibitions and tradeshows, visiting global cities like Hamburg, Lisbon, Seoul, San Francisco, New York and Madrid, gathering the latest trends knowledge. He most recently explored the Design Museum’s California – ‘Designing Freedom’ exhibition and considered why this location’s mid-century modernism has had such a viral global reach and influence on contemporary design. California’s infamous tools of personal liberation, from LSD, to surfboards and the iPhone, have enabled the ideals of the 1960s counterculture to morph into the tech culture of Silicon Valley. Absorbing its various forms of freedom of expression, local designers have produced distinct graphic cultures that have been widely influential. This insight not only explains California’s global impact on technology and fashion, but also helps us forecast what will be on trend going forward.

The trends insights gained from events and places explored can be of vital importance to the retail ecosystem as it can help deliver astounding, relevant and desirable products and services to a brand’s customers. Trend insight and forecasting is then interlaced with our specialist services:

  • Brand Elevation: Transforming a product offering so it hits the relevance spot
  • Innovation: From AR to Nanotechnology, we follow and embrace the latest in technology and innovation from around the world
  • Product Development and Sourcing: A shared passion for product brings together our established network of manufacturers, logistics experts, innovators and designers
  • Customer Profiling: Customers are key to a product’s success, so talking to them and establishing exactly who they are leads

Weaving technology, innovation, data, research and our product development and design expertise in, we can then forecast the four seasons’ continuously evolving macro trends and showcase them on our shiny new Trends site.