Our product sourcing manager, Rob Stewart, said: “Our appointment was smegging fantastic news! We’re thrilled to have been selected to supply the first official line of Red Dwarf merchandise to land on Earth this century. It’s an iconic TV series, watched by millions of people, and so it is a great privilege to play our part.”

Doug Naylor, co-creator of Red Dwarf and writer & director of Red Dwarf XI, said: “I’m really looking forward to working with Matrix developing some official merchandise for the fans. For too long pirate merchandise has ruled the waves. No more me hearties!! I’m also thrilled to be working with GameDigits on a Red Dwarf XI game. If I get time between playing it to release it, Red Dwarf fans might get to play it too.”

Dave is the UK’s most watched non-PSB channel and has been the home of brand new Red Dwarf since 2009, with the three-part Back To Earth special followed by series X in 2012. New and exclusive to Dave, Red Dwarf XI began on the 22nd September and we all tuned in! Avid Red Dwarf are able to buy the coveted items at a new ecommerce store www.shop.reddwarf.co.uk.