I want to say a big thank you to everyone at Matrix HQ who made this happen; a re-branding exercise can be challenging but you have all done a fantastic job. Not forgetting all the folk from Tribe, our Nottingham based branding agency.

Matrix has been through a fair amount of change in the last 24 months, so the rebrand was also a great opportunity for us to re-think how we have defined our business. Now in our 20th year, it’s only natural that we’ve iterated our proposition over time. During this process there was a real sense of clarity about where our key skills and competencies lie, which has resulted in a much more focussed offering. Our services are positioned to our existing and new clients under four core pillars: retail, beauty, promotional merchandise and airline.

Matrix has always had a very natural culture and have an unmistakeable set of values. We don’t feel the need to force feed ‘culture’ with pictures of dolphins working as team-players; we achieve this by basing our hiring decisions on attitude and personality rather than skillsets and 15-year-old exam results. So, when we asked the team to help us articulate what ‘Matrix Magic’ really meant, we had the most amazing alignment across the whole company:

Our Intention – Inspiring creative partnerships.

Our Purpose – To develop and deliver sustainable solutions.

Our Identity – Unique, passionate adventurers who influence and lead.

Our Values – Trust, care, respect and integrity

We also realised we are bold; daring; confident; brave; pioneering; energetic; love a challenge; and are a wildly optimistic bunch of people – which is why it’s a very happy place to work.

I hope you all like the new branding and thank you to everyone who made it happen.