The ground-breaking additive speeds up the degradation process in landfill, enabling products to biodegrade in under 5 years, which is 100x faster than traditional plastic.


Almost 90% of the world’s plastic ends up in landfill, taking between 500 and 1,000 years to degrade. This is a very real and present problem. Our products biodegrade in landfill in under five years and we’re proud to be proactively combating the impact that humans have on our planet. Unlike other solutions, there is no impact on the product’s appearance, functionality or stability. We want to help airlines address their environmental concerns, and are constantly expanding our range of products to meet our client’s needs

The Bio-Form products look and behave exactly like untreated plastic and the technology can be incorporated into any plastic polymer. The current range of products includes On-board Meal Service, Amenity Kits and Contents, On-board Textiles and Hotel Non-Rotables.

The Breakdown Plastic additive has proven its extraordinary properties under robust laboratory testing (ASTM D5511). Independent 3rd party testing has shown up to 24.7% biodegradation within 160 days in optimized conditions.

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