Here Come the Pivotals. Are You Ready?

The marketplace is changing and Pivotals, often referred to as Gen Z, are behind those changes.

Millenials will no longer reign supreme as the most influential and vital consumer segment and instead will share influence with the up-and-coming Pivotal generation. There is no defined age range for this generation yet, but Millenial Marketing consider them to be teens who are younger than 18-years old.

There is an estimated 82 million of them in the U.S. today, equating to 23 percent of the total population and driving $44bn of discretionary spending each year according to Mintel. Because of this, Pivotals are now becoming one of the most powerful forces in our market.

What makes this generation pivotal?

The Pivotal name came from what FutureCast researchers saw as a pivot on values from millennials toward prior generational views describing them as “old souls and young bodies”. Earnest, hard-working and driven by traditional views of success (money, education, career), Pivotals have many of the same values as Baby Boomers but tend to lean towards the socially liberal values of Millenials. This generation is writing new rules that favour liberal – almost radical – viewpoints on things like race, gender, identity and sexuality.

What does this mean to brands?

This will require brands to take a stance on key social, political and cultural issues. Brands will need to align their business in the right way to reflect the beliefs of this generation, demonstrating high standards of equality and social awareness. The brands that achieve this by supporting Pivotals’ ambition and emanating their outlooks will win their love and loyalty.

In general, when choosing what brands they are loyal to, these consumers look for authenticity, relatability, social and political standpoints plus extended value. Brands will need to consistently prove their commitment to their genuine purpose through the time and resources they invest into it. A one-off shout-out on a website or statement to the press won’t cut it.

The Pivot generation is the first to grow up in an entirely post-digital era. They are well accustomed to modern technology and treat it as a part of everyday life; they didn’t have to adapt to it. The immediate availability of information and the ease with which it can be accessed has completely shaped the way that Pivotals engage with brands, make purchase decisions and connect with each other and with brands; they believe in a two-way dialogue with brands, giving the consumer a voice.

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