Friendly Bacteria and Skincare with Matrix Head of Beauty

Trends are constantly changing in the beauty industry and the next big thing we’re starting to see are products that care for the bacteria on your skin. Our Head of Beauty, Dave English, gives a bit of an insight into bacteria and our skin….

An insight into bacteria

The human microbiome is composed of the bacteria that help keep your digestion and body healthy, which includes your skin. Antibiotic use, bland diets and modern western hygiene can impact diversity of bacteria and bacterial gut populations which appear to correlate to increases in food intolerance, gut health and overall wellbeing. “Miraculous” recoveries are reported on bacterial “seeding” from healthy guts.

Facts about bacteria:

  • We have 10 times more bacteria cells than skin cells in the body
  • Typically 4% of your body weight is bacteria
  • We carry about 100 trillion bacteria

Bacteria and skincare

More and more evidence is emerging on how critical it is to have healthy bacterial partners both inside and on your skin.

Healthy skin will have thousands (20 – 50K) of different bacterial species living on a balanced, sustaining and skin-supporting eco system; however, the human “planet” has several climates suitable for different types of bacteria, from damp, clammy armpits to oily hair forests and dry skin on the back of arms, creating lots of different bacteria environments. This is without taking skin type, age, washing regime into account. Even your pets contribute to the number of bacteria you carry!

Skincare product opportunities

  • Products that help maintain the healthy balance which by default restrict the encroachment of harmful “pathogenic” invasive species.
  • Cleansing systems to reduce impact on “good” bacteria.
  • Products aimed at maintaining pH of skin across the body to help with beneficial bacterial activity

Keep an eye on this trend – lots of great products are being developed and we’ll be delving a bit deeper into the science involved when creating these products in a future blog.