Emirates First Class x Hydra Active™ Moisturising Sleepsuits

Hydra Active™, a Matrix brand, collaborated with Emirates to develop an innovative range of sleepsuits to enhance the travel experience for passengers in its FIrst Class cabin.

Traveller wellbeing was the priority when Hydra Active™ and Emirates started developing the range of sleepsuits. Aircrafts are generally dry environments and whilst face and hand moisturisers are included in amenity kits, these only cover a small portion of the body.

Hydra Active’s moisturising sleepsuits were specifically developed to counteract this problem and provide skin nourishment to the full body for the length of a flight and is wash durable for 20 washes off board.

When wearing Hydra Active™ sleepsuits, billions of microcapsules applied to the fabric gently release active ingredients, giving it moisturising properties that can help skin feel moisturised and refreshed. Collaborating closely our design team created a beautiful shawl collar style that reflected the overall Emirates amenity offering, Hydra Active™ developed a bespoke product infused with microcapsules of Sea Kelp.

In the third year of the partnership we launched a new series of active ingredients, Shea Butter and Argan Oil, to further enhance the moistening properties of the fabric.

In addition, the popularity and positive feedback of the Hydra Active™ sleepsuits has seen a further bespoke range designed specifically for the Emirates which is on sale in the Emirates Official Stores.

Key points:

  • The World’s First Onboard Moisturising Sleepsuits
  • Award-winning Innovation
  • A unique on-board product that has a long and strong off-board value with up to 6 months of moisturising properties

Hydra Active’s moisturising sleepsuits were specifically developed to counteract the dry aircraft environment and provide skin nourishment to the whole body.