All Blue Peter badges to be made from Recycled Yogurt Pots.

Having shown generations of children how to make rockets from washing-up bottles, Blue Peter is now making its prized badges out of old yogurt pots.

Matrix are thrilled to be working in collaboration with the BBC’s long-running children’s show to make all of its plastic badges from recycled yogurt pots in a UK factory powered by solar energy. 

Presenters Lindsey Russell and Radzi Chinyanganya announced in June 2016 the Blue Peter Green badge, which rewards viewers for contributions about the environment, conservation or nature, would be made from recycled material. Now the show aims to have all its plastic badges follow suit, and in “here’s one we made earlier” style, two of the new sustainably-made badges are launching this month. The designs of the badges will remain the same, with only the production method changing. The first Blue Peter badge was awarded in 1963, and hundreds of thousands have been given out over the years to children aged six to 15, and to contributors who have featured on the programme.

There are now six plastic badges awarded for efforts in different areas including sport and creativity, as well as the metallic Gold Blue Peter badge

for outstanding achievements. The show’s editor Ewan Vinnicombe said: “Blue Peter has been showing young viewers how to make something magical out of everyday objects throughout its history. “We are thrilled to be recognised as a leader in sustainable production and that we have been able to find a perfect way of sharing this with our viewers whilst having a positive impact on the environment at the same time.”