Our AW19/20 Trends Have Landed

We travel extensively to key fashion and design hubs; immersing ourselves in the graphics, retail environments and conversations so we can identify current global trends and foresee future trends. Introducing: autumn/winter 2019/2020…

MU Refined

We are entering a new wave of consumerism, influenced by shifting attitudes and awareness surrounding sustainability, ethics and transparency. We’re more aware than ever of our impact on the world around us and are demanding more transparency and action from brands and retailers alike. Sustainability, durability and functionality of products are a key concern as we become increasingly knowledgeable about ingredients, claims and supply chain processes. MU Refined is clean, natural and honest.

Perfect Persona

We live in an age of CGI, influencers and an obsession with digitally recreating and enhancing reality. The boundaries of perfection are being pushed to new extremes as the line between what’s real and what’s enhanced or fake, becomes blurred. With CGI advancements and fake news, our trust in the images and content we see is being tested. But these changes can enable us to push creative boundaries within fashion, beauty and tech as the constraints we experience in reality no longer apply.

Internal Eclipse

With the daily pressures of fast-paced modern life, practicing self-care and proactively looking after your own mental health has never been more important; from individual spiritual practices like astrology, yoga and meditation to forms of self-expression including tattoos and fashion. Self-expression through poetry and spoken word is on the rise, with people sharing their own experiences, which lets people know they’re not alone and it’s OK not to be OK.

Unique You

Bright, retro, neon colours and clashing prints represent this genderless trend that’s all about optimism and bold self-expression, set to redefine beauty, gender, fashion and style. Drawing influence from romantics, glam rock, drag and punk, Unique You is lead by colour fades, sci-fi, chrome type and bold vectors.

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