Aroma Active Laboratories

At the beginning of 2020, world-leading wellbeing brand, Aromatherapy Associates partnered with Matrix to overhaul their pre-existing skincare brand ‘Aroma Actives’.

Their CEO, Anna Teal, felt that there was a market gap in accessible skincare that could be filled by a brand that housed the power of aromatherapy and active ingredients at accessible price points for all women. This was to be launched in one of the largest health and beauty retailers across the UK.

Starting with just the concept, the Matrix Product and Brand team worked closely with Aromatherapy Associates to finalise the brand strategy, target consumer and product architecture, while the Matrix Design team finalised the brand visual identity, and design route to bring the brand and products to life.

Matrix worked with an incredible lab to create the formulations, and then project-managed the production process through to market. In addition, the Matrix team also collaborated with a London-based photography studio and stylist to deliver all lifestyle and e-commerce assets needed to launch on social media and on the retailer’s website.

Aroma Active Laboratories. An initial launch of 16 solution-led products in November of 2020, combining the expertise of two renowned labs. These were categorised into four different ranges that target consumer need-states: Soothe, Muscle, SOS and Sleep.

The products are hyper-functional, with amazing ingredient claims to satisfy both body and mind. The delivery formats ensure ease of use. The packaging was selected with Matrix’s commitment to sustainability in mind – the vast majority of the components are recyclable, a lot of the substrates are made up of post-consumer recycled plastics, and all paper materials are FSC accredited.

“Aroma Active Laboratories exists to support and enable our hero, helping her to look well and feel well, so she is ready for anything.”

Though the brand only recently launched, the NPD pipeline for Aroma Active Laboratories is already in development. It looks to continue targeting the needs of women, ensuring that “our hero” can turn to AAL to satisfy all her daily needs.

In addition to new product formats, the research and implementation of the most sustainable packaging formats is ongoing, AAL aim to improve on their existing packaging, ensuring that they are being as kind to the planet as possible.

The products are hyper-functional, with amazing ingredient claims to satisfy both body and mind.