48 hours in Amsterdam with the Creative Team

Gabie and Neave from our creative team spent a couple of days in Amsterdam in July comp shopping, visiting exhibitions and exploring “The Dam”. If you’re thinking of booking a last-minute trip to Amsterdam, read on….

Where to stay

We booked our accommodation at different times so ended up staying in different areas of Amsterdam. I stayed in an Airbnb in Staatsliedenbuurt which was quite residential; there were a few cafes around but nothing really in the way of restaurants and bars. This is the perfect spot if you want to stay somewhere a bit quieter but still really easy to get into the centre. I would definitely recommend an Air B&B to get a taste of how the locals live. Neave stayed in an area called Vondelbuurt; there’s a lot more going on in this area with lots of restaurants, shops and tourist attractions so if you want somewhere with a bit more buzz and are planning to go out-out– head here. It took a similar amount of time to get into the city – approx. 30 min walk or 5 min taxi –  and was right next to the beautiful Vondelpark.

Where to eat

As we were only there for a couple of days, we didn’t get the opportunity to discover that many foodie places. We would definitely recommend The Avocado Show which, as the name suggests, just serves avocado! “The Avocado Show serves visually stunning and incredibly tasty signature dishes made with love from sustainable and socially responsible avocados”.

Another place to head to is Rainbowls, especially if you’re into healthy eating! The menu here is full of colourful, natural and nutritious smoothie bowls, açai bowls, porridge, smoothies and soups. The perfect pitstop for the morning after the night before!

Prince exhibition

One word – incredible!  We had to put our phones and bags in a locker upon entering the exhibition so sadly no original photos, but we would highly, highly recommend that you visit! Located in the Beurs van Berlage conference centre, it’s a large exhibition with enthusiastic, passionate staff throughout who were happy to chat about anything on display. We wore headsets which played Prince music (of course!) and gave info about each piece. The exhibition showcased clothes on mannequins, music videos, live performance videos, albums, lyric books, a lot of relics from Paisley Park and basically anything and everything Prince related. We would recommend allowing about half a day to fully immerse yourself in the exhibition and prepare to feel emotional on the way around! It costs €20 to get in which is quite pricey but we thought for the size of the exhibition that it was well worth it.

Banksy exhibition

Located in the Moco Museum in Amsterdam, the exhibition displayed a varying collection of original work from Banksy over the years. Banksy is best known for his distinctive, political street art so we felt that displaying his work inside a museum diminished the overall impact and meaning of each piece. Unless you’re a mega fan we wouldn’t recommend this exhibition as a ‘must-see’; the overall effect was quite repetitive and at times a bit underwhelming. It would, however, be a great exhibition to take the kids to as an intro to Banksy; each piece had a very descriptive explanation making it easy to grasp the meaning. Tickets cost €12 and you should allow 1 – 2 hours to see everything. It’s easy to find – right opposite the giant Amsterdam sign!

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