2017 Ethical Update: What We’ve Done So Far

As we hurtle rapidly towards the halfway house of 2017, it’s important to pause and take stock of the progress that has been made. At Matrix, we have always believed that making good quality products need not come at the expense of others. We have an ongoing commitment to ethicality within our supply chain. 2017 started on a strong foot as we published our first Modern Slavery Statement, however, the subsequent months have made the year to date standout even more with regard to further advancements in this area. A number of new and existing initiatives have come along in leaps and bounds and we want to reflect on the latest updates in this blog. 


The MatrixChat microsite has reached over 150 followers so far, with a target of over 500 set for the end of the year. We have started testing and sharing different content formats including; training, remote parenting tips for migrant workers and product galleries. An established schedule and mechanism allows us to update the service more regularly, and target groups of followers from the same factory with our Worker Prosperity Indicators survey. This will all help us improve and measure the positive impact that we are having on our supply chain worker’s lives.

Future Leaders Training Modules

Following the success of the first Future Leaders training session conducted by Eddy  at Jinghui factory, after which two of the participants were promoted to Line Leader positions, the second session was carried out at our Longsheng (Micro helmet) factory at the end of April.

30 workers participated in five training modules: a leader’s responsibility and mission; leader’s qualification requirement; leader’s role change and positive working attitude; the daily job of a leader including before, during and after working hours; excellent quality management and employees’ education and development.

After training, the workers all shared plans for the top six things they will do to improve their chances of securing a new leadership position in future, hoping to follow in the footsteps of previous success-stories. Great to see real evidence that our training is having a genuine impact on worker’s lives!

Sedex Awards

Matrix’s Linked Prosperity project was highly acclaimed at the first annual Sedex awards. Although we lost out in the end to AMC Juice, who implemented a CSR platform for global juice manufacturers, the genuine impact of our efforts as a supplier member were highly commended during the award ceremony – competitive fuel to make bigger and better inroads next year!

ETI Corporate Roundtable

Steve gave a presentation at the ETI corporate roundtable in March exploring the impact of our training and ‘beyond audit’ approach which was very well received. This resulted in several new brands reaching out to us to find out more about the Matrix way, and how we manage our supply chain. This shows that we continue to lead the way in ethical best practice.

AIM Working Group (Impactt, Sedex and UK brands)

Matrix submitted the first and only ‘self-assessment’ survey (from our Ming Fai factory) to the AIM Working Group’s pilot study. This puts us in a great position to continue to help the group shape the format of worker interviews for future audits and CSR programs worldwide. We also took part in the panel discussion on the benefit of impact indicators at the UK Sedex Conference in April along with BBC, Mars and Impactt.

Sedex Conference – China

Robin and Eddy attended the China Sedex Conference in Shanghai in May to learn about the new Sedex Members Ethical Trade Audit (SMETA) 6.0 format and receive updates on growing trends in worker relations, supply chain management and ethical sourcing within China. This helps Matrix keep track of all the latest developments and ensure that the team is at the forefront of innovation in the sector.

ETI China Corporate Caucus (CCC) Meeting – Hong Kong

Robin represented Matrix at the latest meeting of the CCC at the end of March, where they discussed a range of topics with other ETI members including, Worker Education and Engagement Approaches; Social Insurance Engagement; Supply Chain Management and ETI Key Work Plans for 2017.

Good Gym

Outside of official business the Matrix Good Gym team is growing and recently completed their 2nd mission digging, pruning and painting a vegetable garden at a local school – helping out the local community whilst getting fit too!